Perfect sunsets, unspoiled tropical beaches, cascading mountains and the “Grand Canyon” of the Pacific are some of the highlights that make Kauai unique. Surrounded by swaying palms you will find your own Hawaii Paradise at the Pono Kai Resort.

  • Weekly Island Orientation
  • Private Lanai
  • Swimming Pool
  • Free WiFi
  • Free Parking
  • Bar-B-Que facilities
  • Hawaiian Garden
  • Laundry Facilities
Resort Ammenities

“We had a good crew led by Jeff Orsatelli, supervisor,” said Goodfellow Bros. project manager Connie Meyer. “We had until the end of February to complete this work, but we’re dedicating the project today. During the work, we had water quality control monitors in place. But through the entire project, there was not a day of dirty water, something people were concerned about.”

Orange safety net screening is in place to keep people from disturbing the freshly laid grass and mulch, a change from its former use of keeping people away from the eroding seawall, which in April was being monitored for hazardous conditions due to a sinkhole which developed where a portion of the seawall once stood.

On Friday, Peter Sit, general manager of Pono Kai, said, “They just put in the grass for the seawall repair. During the repair work, we let them use a right of way. That should be repaired from its brown condition due to wear, and it should be done in the next 60 days.”

The seawall has had a history of repairs dating back to 2007 when Oceanit, a Honolulu-based engineering consulting firm, advised the Kauai County Council to authorize repair work which would prevent the 600-foot wall from collapsing.

Haigh said he felt confident the repair work would stop the erosion which had been taking place.

“They filled in the areas in the back of the wall,” he said. “The materials they used and the fact there is backfill should stop the eroding.”

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Mission Accomplished!

Mahalo to Honorable Mayor Bernard Carvalho

It has been a long-time coming and lots of hard work to get here, but we are finally finished with the seawall.  We thank you for your understanding and patience during the construction. We will be proud of the seawall for years to come.